HyperLyght - Quantum Leaping Utopia Into Tomorrow

About HyperLyght, Inc.

"Quantum leaping utopia into tomorrow."

Namaste. Prentanyalo! We are Divine Love.

HyperLyght is a galactic interdimensional cooperative non-profit corporation seeking to promote wellness, enlightenment and (r)evolution via the metaphysical, healing and creative arts. We are bridge builders and paradigm shifters who employ leading edge currents of pranic consciousness to undo and repair archetypal dissonant patterning and create worlds of increased beauty and grace.

HyperLyght bends dimensions to extract resonant frequencies of divine love to insert into Earth's matrix and global chi system while simultaneously returning to light the underpinnings of hatred, aggression, poverty and oppression. We broker cosmic transactions that extend and enhance the energies available to the human race in its quest to push forward into higher and higher consciousness and levels of lightbody through the understanding of the locus of perception, multiversal law, the Law of One and the Prime Directive of Love and Light. Without ego, we surrender to our love of light and truth and passionate co-creation.

HyperLyght's primary foci:
1) Erradicating the root causes of global terrorism by neutralizing, dismantling and returning to light the reptilian overlay, the negative alien agenda, the false light matrix, the satanic core, global mind control, demonics and negative discarnates, dark sorcery and psionic/psychic aggression/violence/static.
2) Purification, healing and gridwork repair of the subtle strata of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions.
3) Downstepping and grounding universal ascension light codes and matrices.
4) Angelic/Archangelic healing and rehabilitation.
5) Clearing the veils of illusion and seperation from Spirit.
6) Mental health disorder research and alternative treatment.
7) Depression annihilation.
8) Redefinition of comedy.

HyperLyght's Earth anchor/pillar is Marc Alexander. HyperLyght is based in Malden, MA, USA. HyperLyght and Marc Alexander work in conjunction with the Angels, Archangels, the Great White Sister/Brotherhood of the Light, the Order of Melchizedek, the Pleiadian Archangels and Angels, the Sirian Light League, the Andromedan Overseers, the Lorens, the Belentynes and the Arcturian Consulate.

About Marc Alexander

Marc Alexander is a personal and planetary lightworker and a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for paradigm shifting and social revolution. A byproduct of both a loving family and a challenging life path of service and advanced spiritual training, Marc has surrendered his free will in dedication to serving the Goddess and the benevolent light beings/aliens who architect and support the Earth matrix. Marc has received training in many leading-edge energy medicine therapies and galactic lightwork techniques and puts them to use regularly to assist others, the planet, the angels and Archangels, the multiverse and himself. Marc grounds and transmits universal light codes and ascension matrices through his expressive, colorful visionary art and graphic design. Marc also wields a mean bass guitar and sings his heart out. When not directly engaged in planetary service or in the midst of a creative outburst Marc oft finds himself conduiting channeled messaging from those who seek to empower and enlighten the planet with their timely/timeless wisdom and grace.