HyperLyght - Quantum Leaping Utopia Into Tomorrow

About HyperLyght

"Quantum leaping utopia into tomorrow."

HyperLyght is an interdimensional cooperative non-profit organization seeking to promote wellness, enlightenment and galactic evolution via the metaphysical and healing arts. We are bridge builders and paradigm shifters who employ leading edge currents of pranic consciousness to undo and repair archetypal dissonant patterning and create worlds of alchemized beauty and grace.

HyperLyght bends dimensions to extract resonant frequencies of divine love to insert into Earth's matrix and global chi system while simultaneously returning to light the underpinning currents of hatred, aggression, poverty and oppression. We broker galactic transactions that extend and enhance the energies available to the human race in its quest to push forward into higher and higher consciousness and levels of lightbody through the understanding of universal law, karma and the prime directive of light. Without ego, we surrender to our love of light and truth and passionate co-creation.

HyperLyght is Anaxa Gracen-Quinzel, Lestia Lez, Clairis Redmund, Fred Wisnewski and Sheri Dillon.

HyperLyght's Advisory Board is Tristan Alexander, Genesis Daniels, G. Gerry, Lassen Maynard, Michael Stevenson and Helios.