HyperLyght - Quantum Leaping Utopia Into Tomorrow

About HyperLyght (Marc Alexander)

Marc Alexander is a personal and planetary lightworker and a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for paradigm shifting and social revolution. A byproduct of both a loving family and a challenging life path of service and advanced spiritual training, Marc has surrendered his free will in dedication to serving the Goddess and the benevolent light beings/aliens who architect and support the Earth matrix. Marc has received training in many leading-edge energy medicine therapies and galactic lightwork techniques and puts them to use regularly to assist others, the planet, the angels and Archangels, the multiverse and himself. Marc grounds and transmits universal light codes and ascension matrices through his expressive, colorful visionary art and graphic design. Marc also wields a mean bass guitar and sings his heart out. When not directly engaged in planetary service or in the midst of a creative outburst Marc oft finds himself conduiting channeled messaging from those who seek to empower and enlighten the planet with their timely/timeless wisdom and grace.