HyperLyght - Abstract Digital Artwork, Band Promotion by Marc Alexander

About HyperLyght

HyperLyght is a non-profit organization seeking to promote wellness, wholeness and planetary change via the metaphysical and healing arts. We are paradigm shifters and bridge builders.

Charitable contributions of light can be made by purchasing items from our Galactic Federation of Light Wishlist.

About Marc Alexander

An artist, healer, and quintessential rebel, Marc enjoys channeling creativity in several forms of self-expression including the graphic arts, the bass guitar, vibrational energy therapy and planetary service work.

Classically trained in film and video production with a BS from Northwestern University, Marc has been honing his aesthetic sensibilities for many years. His tastes gravitate toward the abstract, the surreal, the bizarre and the new.

Angelic Star Healing - Vibrational Energy Healing and Quantum Alchemy
Simple Healing Mantras