Valhalla Superdrive Releases First Full-Length Album "Birth Light" on Jan 25, 2021

Valhalla Superdrive's new full-Length release Birth Light
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Birth Light is the first full-length release from electronica newcomer Valhalla Superdrive. Blending heavily rhythmic and decidedly funky bass and drums with animated synths, atmospheric flourishes and instrumental embellishments, Valhalla Superdrive creates a rich, layered instrumental sound that encourages movement and mayhem and delivers a fresh take on electro, dance, drum & bass and minimal electronica. Valhalla Superdrive is the infant child of Kel Alexander, a lifelong musician and visual artist. Weened on years of conventional band-based musical exploration via the bass, guitar, keys and vox and classically trained in orchestral woodwinds, Kel’s recent foray into the world of beat making and production has been cathartic, finally giving him a solo compositional outlet for his musical expression. Birth Light emerged over the dreary holiday season of 2020 and the American political unrest of early 2021. Birth Light’s upbeat, dance-you-ass-off groove aesthetic thumbs its nose directly at its underlying cultural backdrop of sorrow and unease, providing welcomed solace and buoyancy in a very troubled time.

Valhalla Superdrive · Birth Light

Kel Alexander
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Kel is a visual artist, musician and planetary lightworker with a penchant for paradigm shifting and social revolution. A byproduct of both a loving family and a challenging life path of service and advanced spiritual training, Kel has received instruction in many leading-edge energy medicine therapies and galactic lightwork techniques and puts them to use regularly to assist others, Gaia, the Multiverse and himself. Kel grounds and transmits universal light codes and ascension matrices through his expressive, colorful visionary art and visual design. A lifelong musician with classical training, Kel also wields a mean bass and acoustic guitar, produces electronica and sings his heart out. When not directly engaged in planetary service or in the midst of a creative outburst Kel oft finds himself conduiting channeled messaging from those who seek to empower and enlighten the planet with their wisdom, healing and grace.

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