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Valhalla Superdrive

Valhalla Superdrive is Kel's newest project. Blending heavily rhythmic and decidedly funky bass and drums with animated synths, atmospheric flourishes and instrumental embellishments, Valhalla Superdrive creates a rich, layered instrumental sound that encourages movement and mayhem and delivers a fresh take on electronica. A lifelong musician weened on years of conventional band-based musical exploration via the bass, guitar, keys and vox and classically trained in orchestral woodwinds, Kel’s recent foray into the world of electronica production has been cathartic, finally giving him a solo compositional outlet for his musical expression. The results are spectacular!

Valhalla Superdrive - "Lotus"

Valhalla Superdrive - "Birth Light"

Solo guitar

Tilt - 5:01
Well Hot Damn - 4:12
The Oldest Song in the Book - 4:33
Soy Abogado - 2:46
A Happy Marriage - 3:43
It Ain't Copeland, But... - 4:25