Valhalla Superdrive

Valhalla Superdrive
Valhalla Superdrive is Marc's newest project. Valhalla Superdrive blends syncopated bass and crunchy, distorted drums with aggressive synths and animated guitars, strings and horns into a rich, deeply-layered sound that encourages not only movement and mayhem, but also introspection and true listening. Artronica, postronica, cinematronica, neo-EDM - or "space krunch" - Valhalla Superdrive's ever-evolving sound is start-of-the-art and unique.

A lifelong musician weened on years of conventional band-based musical exploration via the bass, guitar, keys and vox and classically trained in orchestral woodwinds, Marc’s recent foray into the world of electronica production has been cathartic, finally giving him a solo compositional outlet for his musical expression. The results are spectacular!

The Best of Valhalla Superdrive Playlist

Valhalla Superdrive - "Cheer Up, You're Almost Dead" - released 2023.06.16 | Purchase

Valhalla Superdrive - "Winged Eyes Wide" - released 2022.06.17 | Purchase

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Valhalla Superdrive - "The Crying Queens" - released 2022.02.04 | View press release | Purchase

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Valhalla Superdrive - "Corazón del rey" - released 2021.10.29 | View press release | Purchase

Valhalla Superdrive - "Lotus" - released 2021.04.30 | Purchase

Valhalla Superdrive - "Birth Light" - released 2021.02.26 | View press release | Purchase