The Crying Queens, Valhalla Superdrive's 4th album (most ambitious yet), dropped Feb 4, 2022

On Friday Feb. 4, 2022, Valhalla Superdrive dropped its latest album, The Crying Queens, its fourth full-length release in less than a year and a half. The Crying Queens marks a period of sizable growth for Valhalla Superdrive’s sound - fuller, bolder and fatter, for sure, but also more varied in style. Born under the duress of an abrupt displacement and temporary period of homelessness, creating The Crying Queens was life support and a beacon of hope in the turbulent months it took to resolve a major life complexity. But despite the challenges encountered in the album’s production, the theme of the material remains light – an exploration of mystical romance and divine love.

Valhalla Superdrive blends heavily rhythmic and decidedly funky bass and crunchy drums with animated synths and guitars, atmospheric flourishes, and other sonic embellishments creating a rich, deeply-layered instrumental sound that encourages movement and mayhem. With four albums now released in less than a year and a half, Valhalla Superdrive has evolved into genre-defying instrumental electronica that most closely feels like indietronica, indie electronic, post rock, deep house and/or subgenre-undefined.

Valhalla Superdrive is the infant child of Kel Alexander, a lifelong musician and visual artist. Weened on years of conventional band-based musical exploration via the bass, guitar, keys and vox and classically trained in orchestral woodwinds, Kel’s recent foray into the world of composition and production as Valhalla Superdrive has been cathartic, finally giving him a robust outlet for his musical expression that delivers the sounds he'd always been dreaming of.

The three lead tracks on The Crying Queens are:
"Here Eyes Are Highs" - Spotify | SoundCloud
"Taylor Swift" - Spotify | SoundCloud
"Downtown" - Spotify | SoundCloud

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